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Kiddies Carnival - Sun Aug 19,2018

King & Queen Show - Thurs Aug 23, 2018

FACE MASK Cruise - Fri Aug 24, 2018

Jouvert - Sat Aug 25, 2018

Carnival Parade - Sat Aug 25, 2018


Cumm Cross Production (Barbados)

D Midas Int. Boston (Trinidad)

Dynasty Production (Trinidad)

D’ Horizons (Trinidad)

Funaddix Boston (tbd)

Imas International (Barbados)

Mudd Band (Trinidad)

Mas Players (Trinidad)

Mirage Mas (Barbados)

One Love (Jamaica)

Soca & Associates (Trinidad)

SocaHolics (Barbados)

Trinidad & Tobago Social Club (Trinidad)

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Boston's Trinidad style Carnival: Founded in 1973 by Ken Bonaparte Mitchell 1942-2008

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The first person to answer these questions will win a copy of book shown on the right.

1 - What Steel band won first Panorama in 1963?

2 - Who is the first person credited with composing and recording for panorama?

Email Answers to: bostoncarnivalvillage@gmail.com

Listen to Steel Pan City with Vanessa on WACK 90.1FM every Sunday 2:00 PM

Boston's Trinidad Style Carnival: A Road Map to its Future Face Mask VIII Jouvert Cruise Ticket Link

Village Store

Desperadoes Rudolph Charles Era and beyond: Date, time and places, as can only be presented by someone who has first hand knowledge of the band, and those behind the scenes, making it all possible.

$10.00 - S/H $2.00 (US)

Crossword Puzzles of Trinidad and Tobago: 22 brain teasers, created in a fun, and friendly format! Questions such as, the original name of Woodford Square, and the winner of 1968 Road March are included.

$4.00 S/H $2.00 (US)

Panorama Finals 1963 to Present: Do you love the sound of 100 players doing their thing in the BIG YARD? Have you wondered years later who won and who also ran? Then this book is for you!

$11.00 - S/H $2.00 (US)

Steel Pan City with your girl Vanessa - support the program and become a supporter of Vanessa’s program every purchase guarantee a donation to the program

Cost: $20.00 - S/H $2.00 US

Winners of Various Pan Competitions 1952 to Present: A staggering array of different competitions from Panorama and Pan Is Beautiful Classical about 32 pages and a learning experience for everyone

$9.00 - S/H $2.00 (US)